"Thanks so much, you folks are fantastic and so organized and responsive. I really enjoy working with you … virtually that is."

- R.P.


"Working for TPE Writers Network has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The owner of the company sets the tone for how the company functions. Managemen took a simple business concept and has built a number of successful branch offices which function efficiently with each other. The staff in each office is incredibly helpful and they work extremely hard to manage the copious amounts of orders, while keeping the efforts of the writers coordinated eloquently with the needs of the clients.

As far as the actual endeavours pertaining to the job, the greatest benefit is the opportunity to learn about a plethora of different topics. In many ways, working for TPE Writers Network is almost like going to school, except that one can study almost any topic of choice and get paid to do it. The practice in research-based writing which is gained in the course of working for TPE Writers Network is invaluable. Because of the time I have spent working as a writer for this company, I can now create journal quality research papers in an amazingly short period of time. This skill is priceless and the beautiful truth of the matter is that I was paid to learn this skill. Being a student in a PhD program requires me to have to travel often for research. Because I can write, upload papers, and receive payment remotely, I can do this job from anywhere in the world. I am grateful that Managemen took a chance on me and I look forward to trying to perform even better as a writer as time goes on. TPE Writers Network is a company which is a pleasure to work for."

– S.J.


"TPE Writers Network has provided me with the opportunity to help other people, learn new things and hone my own skills as a writer and editor. I am incredibly happy working for them!"

– R.L.


"Working with the TPE Writers Network has been a highly enjoyable and satisfying experience for me. TPE Writers Network is a courteous and professional organization, and treats its writers well. Such is not always the case in the essay writing industry, in which the rule is for writers to be exploited. TPE Writers Network balances the interests of the organization, its writers, and its customers in such a way that everyone comes away happy.

From the writer's perspective, TPE Writers Network has a nice mix of assignments. You will have the opportunity to work on every kind of essay under the sun! In addition to being financially rewarding, TPE Writers Network's workload is instructive. I've learned more in a single year of writing for the TPE Writers Network than I did in five years of graduate school; thanks to the diversity of assignments, I've accumulated a wealth of knowledge in fields that used to be unfamiliar to me.

In conclusion, TPE Writers Network offers all that a writer could want: excellent pay, helpful staff, steady assignments, and a solid reputation as the leading company in this industry."

– D.B.


"I love the fact that I am helping students better themselves in their academic careers and the system at the TPE Writers Network is effective and efficient. Because I have a love for writing and researching, working for TPE Writers Network is one of my most enjoyable and easy experiences!"

– S.L.


"Working for TPE Writers Network is like working for family. I have never experienced the level of respect and loyalty in any other work environment that I am privileged to have at TPE Writers Network. The staff is professional, friendly, courteous and helpful. Although my participation is completely a telecommuting relationship I have never been more a part of a team in my professional life. I feel that working for TPE Writers Network has enhanced my responsibility as an employee and it certainly has strengthened my writing skills. I am grateful everyday for being a part of such a wonderful group of professional people."

– T.B.


"TPE Writers Network is an academic research institution that has some of the best staff members, customer service, and leadership that I have experienced. First and foremost, they pay on-time and accurately - which is a huge bonus. The projects are reasonable and they expect the best, since their business model is based on excellent customer service. I have worked with them for a couple of years and reliable, organized, and good writers get treated with respect, get paid when they need to, and continue to have a professional relationship with everyone at TPE Writers Network.

They have projects that vary in scope and will allow you to choose projects that "play" to your academic strengths. They can assign larger projects that will challenge you, and are excellent communicators - I love the fact that they truly act as the middle-man between the client and the writer.

As a writer, I can truly say that TPE Writers Network is a top-rated, professional, and honest company - if you want good experiences, challenging projects, and an excellent staff, then work with TPE Writers Network."

– K.C.


"Working for TPE Writers Network is a job that offers people a great chance to do what they love to do - writing - right from the comfort of their own home. At the same time it's an exhilarating experience because no day is ever quite the same as the last one: every assignment brings its own challenges and rewards. Anyone who loves working for TPE Writers Network, as I do, appreciates the dynamism of the job, the excitement that comes with a job well-done, and the satisfaction that always accompanies 'getting it right' for a client. At TPE Writers Network, our services are desperately needed by people who turn to us for help in difficult times; needless to say, as a writer, you can help those men and women who find their dreams of academic success imperilled simply by doing something - writing - that you used to do for free at school. If you want a challenging, engaging, fun and informal work environment, then this is the place to be. When all is said and done, helping others while keeping your own schedule is a pretty good combination."

– B.H.


"I have been working with TPE Writers Network for nearly nine years now. Working with staff here and the clients has been a deeply satisfying and rewarding experience. By helping students learn to write and by providing them with the skills necessary for succeeding in their educational pursuits, TPE Writers Network provides a great environment for those pursuing a writing career."

– M.F.






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