Freelance Writing Jobs in Vancouver

Freelance Writing Jobs for Vancouver

The freelance writing market is a tough nut to crack – and even once you've got it open, it's hard to stay consistently busy. But Vancouver area writers who work with TPE Writers Network have plenty keeping them busy all year 'round. TPE Writers Network started working with freelancers in 1996, producing high quality essays and term paper models for students in the Vancouver area. Since then, we've written well over 50,000 academic documents, including many higher level documents, such as theses and dissertations – each one written by a talented writer like you.

TPE Writers Network gives you writing assignments that fit with your specific area of academic expertise. You'll also be constantly challenged to delve deeper into your field, researching and growing in your subject knowledge. Whether you are a full-time freelance writer or you are seeking to supplement your income with some paid writing work, we are able to fill any schedule with a consistent workflow – and we work hard to make sure that you're writing about subjects you are skilled with.

All of our writers come from a solid academic background in at least one field. We promise our clients stalwart examples of well-thought-out academic writing in the form of essays, term papers and theses and dissertations. It is the ability and knowledge of our writers that makes this possible. Here are the minimum qualifications to write for us:

  • A Masters Degree or PhD in at least one field
  • Proven ability as a skilled, and fast, researcher
  • Able to write high quality academic papers very quickly
  • Error free writing
  • Native English speaker
  • Regularly available by phone
  • Access to university level research resources

We pay competitively per page, and project may be anything from a short essay to lengthy term papers or even long theses and dissertations. There is always a steady flow of work to be done, and we base the assignments we give our writers on their expertise and availability.

If you have the skills and drive to be a TPE Writers Network writer – we want you on our team! Apply today and our office will be in touch with you soon!


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